Temporal Power

Highest energy flywheels in the world, addressing grid-scale and energy intensive applications that require fast-response, high duty-cycle solutions.

Company Description

Temporal Power offers a short-duration, modular energy storage solution with the highest energy rating of any flywheel in the world. Its systems offer a continuous duty cycle (always working) with no degradation due to aging or cycling. Temporal flywheels are made of fully recyclable materials. Working with utilities, generators, and industrial clients, Temporal designs modular solutions that enhance grid performance, increase the adoption of useable renewable generation, and reduce the cost of operating cyclic loads for end-users.

What does your company offer?

Temporal Power designs, manufactures, commissions, and services high-performance dynamic energy storage systems. These systems can be deployed alone or in hybrid configurations alongside other storage technologies, to enhance system performance and reduce fuel consumption and operating costs. A common yet dynamic control system ensures reliable operation and simple integration. This technology addresses many existing energy delivery and emerging grid stability issues by delivering rapid response and exceptional dynamic performance.

What impact and value does your technology or service deliver?

Enabled by proprietary design, Temporal systems deliver: Speed - millisecond response to full power/absorption; Endurance – 20+ year life with minimal maintenance; Range - no limitations on cycles or depth of discharge. The modular platform allows customers to install the right amount of storage and expand as needs evolve. This accurate system sizing maximizes capital effectiveness. Key benefits include reduced cost of ancillary services, improved fuel efficiency of generation resources, and increased utilization of renewable generation.



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