Trusted global provider of Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), with over 500 man-years of ADMS development experience.

Company Description

Survalent enables clients to control their critical network operations with confidence. They are a globally trusted provider of advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) for electric, water/wastewater, gas, and transit utilities across the globe. Over 500 utilities in 30 countries rely on the SurvalentONE platform to effectively operate, monitor, analyze, restore, and optimize operations. By supporting critical utility operations with a fully integrated solution, their customers have significantly improved operational efficiencies.

What does your company offer?

Survalent ONE's Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) includes Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); Outage Management System (OMS); Distribution Management System (DMS); and Optional Applications for SCADA, OMS or DMS, all operating under one reliable, resilient and easy-to-use graphical user interface. Their Substation Automation products ensure reliable power delivery and provide users with state-of-the-art performance, flexible architectures, and open standards (such as IEC 61850 and DNP 3.0).

What impact and value does your technology or service deliver?

Users of Survalent software can monitor, evaluate, and reconfigure their systems to provide increased reliability and improved efficiency through data analysis and automation reporting. Data visualization is available on desktop and mobile platforms, and the information can be leveraged to empower employees to optimize operations and provide better service to their customers and members.


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