A breakthrough in energy efficiency with disruptively low cost circuit-level, real time submetering and powerful energy analytics

Company Description

CircuitMeter has developed groundbreaking electrical energy submetering hardware, integrated with Big Data and cloud based CircuitMonitoring™. Its technology is designed to analyze real time, circuit level energy usage for large organizations and portfolio managers. CircuitMeter is positioned to become a global player in energy efficiency technology, enabling Energy Management companies to deliver new levels of operating cost reductions, and associated carbon footprint.

What does your company offer?

CircuitMeter has designed the most cost effective energy meter on the market, WebMeter36F™, which gathers real-time energy data for all electrical parameters and monitors up to 36 circuits. The CircuitMonitoring™ system is proprietary software that leverages a Big Data model which can scale upwards and handle virtually an unlimited number of circuits reporting from any WebMeter™. It has the ability to store and retrieve large amounts of data at the enterprise level with instant response times that support very fast what-if analyses.

What impact and value does your technology or service deliver?

The CircuitMonitoring™ system is scalable from a single WebMeter™ monitoring 36 circuits to an unlimited number of meters used in multiple locations. The software features proprietary techniques that combine processing, management and analytics that can handle Big Data in industry leading process times. High volumes of data can be subjected to over 50,000 different types of analyses, facilitating a broad range of data-mining which prioritizes detailed energy information in order for users to understand and act on the most important data.



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