Carbon Engineering

Captures CO2 directly from atmospheric air and uses renewable energy to turn it back into fuels such as diesel or jet-A.

Company Description

Carbon Engineering (CE) was founded in 2009 by Dr. David Keith (Harvard University) with support from investors Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Murray Edwards (Canadian Natural Resources). CE's missions has been to develop and commercialize technology to capture CO2 from the atmosphere in order to enable low carbon transportation. Since foundation, CE has been a hardware-driven company, and has developed direct air capture - and now air to fuels - technology, by progressive prototyping and piloting.

What does your company offer?

Carbon Engineering is a leader in the field of direct air capture of CO2 and the synthesis of ultra low carbon intensity liquid fuels. CE have developed and demonstrated a unique and strategic technology, that can be scaled up to capture industrial-scale quantities of CO2 directly from the atmosphere, and delivered in compressed form ready for industrial use. We are currently now building the world’s first industrially relevant pilot plant, that will produce diesel and gasoline in a process we call “air to fuels”.

What impact and value does your technology or service deliver?

Air to fuels (A2F) are compatible with today’s infrastructure and engines, therefore do not require infrastructure turn-over and can be progressively blended. A2F fuels have an energy density 30x greater than today’s batteries, and thus address the heavy freight and airline markets where electric vehicles are not feasible. A2F requires 100x less land use than today’s biofuels and does not impact food security. Synthetic fuels are cleaner burning than those refined from fossil crude, reducing air pollution and GHG emissions.



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